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Fit to Fly PCR Test

We understand just how important it is that you have all the correct coronavirus tests and certificates before travelling abroad.

We are doing Covid-19 Travel Testing in both of our branches details are below.

We are doing test for company call London medical laboratory and you will receive result via email through them.

If you need any information regarding your Fit To Fly PCR test please give us a call


Fit to fly covid-19 test (Walk-in/Booking) 

We has carried out over 200,000 Covid-19 tests from our both London locations, We specialise in PCR (from £80 with guaranteed next day results), antigen lateral flow (from £49) and Test to release PCR test (from £120 with guaranteed next day results) Our express PCR tests have results in under 3 hours. All tests include a laboratory test certificate and accompanying doctor’s report.

Given the importance and urgency of Covid testing, we do not provide postal tests. All our tests are taken by a healthcare professional at our London locations.

Choose from 4 hour, same day or next day results. Your results will be simultaneously emailed to you. .

Covid-19 Tests

Test Price Results
PCR Next Day from £80 Next day (by midnight)

Our most popular Covid-19 PCR test with guaranteed next day results (by midnight), or your money back.

PCR Same Day from £100 Typically before midnight

Same day PCR results from 2 locations across London. This is ideal for last minute travel or the added piece of mind which comes from receiving your results and certificate a couple of days before flying. 

PCR 3 hours from £160 Typically under 3 hours

Our fastest Covid-19 PCR test, available at our both branches, Battersea park road and Balhamhill.  There’s no need to arrange a test days in advance of your flight.  Simply take your test at the our branch and have your results certificiate in your inbox a few hours later. 

Test to Release PCR Next Day from £120  Next day (by midnight)

Reduce your quarantine with guaranteed next day results (by midnight), or your money back.

Antigen Test from £39 1 hour

Our Orient Gene Covid-19 antigen test is one of only a few UK Public Health assessed antigen tests. A healthcare professional will take a swab from your nose. You will receive your results and doctor’s certificate by email within 1 hour. NB. Many countries require a PCR test for entry. Please double check with your airline and country you going.

Test Location

W J Boyes Chemist

Address. 61 Balham Hill, London, SW12 9DR

Tel. 0208 673 1738

Krystal Pharmacy

Address. 248 Battersea Park Road, London, SW11 3BP

Tel. 0207 223 6334

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